How do you do justice to something so incredible with a limited word count? Let me tell you this: I have never experienced anything as relaxing in my entire life. From the second Eva got started, I melted into the experience. The more I relaxed, the more it felt like my worries and stresses were dissolving. At times it felt like I was being massaged by three different people. During my massage, things arose, a solution to an issue I was worried about and a deep feeling of being held and nurtured. I didn’t want my session to end. Would I recommend Eva to others? Without a doubt, yes. (Woman’s Way Magazine- read the full article here)

I have been to Eva several times and I will be back again because she is a highly gifted therapist. Her skills vary from healing physical pain to delivering a deep, luxurious massage. You are completely safe to relax in her hands. Highly recommended. A. Wynne, Dublin.

Truth be told I’m still floating on an enormous invisible marshmallow and have yet to come down from my high… If you’re open to it and prepared to leave all cynicism at the door, Lomi Lomi can be an incredibly uplifting, energising and liberating experience that allows you to break through various blockages in your mind and body, let go of whatever it is you’ve been holding on to and give your energy a new, more centred direction. I left feeling more peaceful than I’ve felt in months, and sure enough, I slept like a baby. An oasis of calm in the heart of Dublin city, and without a doubt, the best massage I’ve ever had. (Image Magazine- read the full review here)

I had an amazing Lomi Lomi massage treatment with Eva recently. I found the whole experience deeply relaxing and very powerful on a number of levels. I would highly recommend her work. John Doherty

I’m very glad I had experienced being in your hands- in Russia I often and regularly went for massages but comparing prices I wasn’t very enthusiastic to try to be honest. I tried Lomi Lomi because my yoga teacher was very impressed with this very special massage. I have to say it was like a paradise, it is like different reality, like seventh heaven! But I could not believe that being treated with you Eva feels so comfortable, and has such a great effect and feeling of freedom in shoulders and upper back where I mostly complained and those feelings last long in the body! Thank you Eva! Wish you lots of success on your path to help people be glorious! Sveta

I’m not the typical person who would have ever used holistic therapies, but I had the opportunity to experience ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage recently. Once the treatment began the ambience, the music and the massage combined and after a while I was genuinely transported away from thinking about anything, let alone worrying about things. My mind and body were completely peaceful, floating along tranquilly until the treatment ended.  It was honestly one of the most transformative, relaxing experiences I’ve ever gone through, to the point that I spent the entire journey back home almost surprised at how relaxed and calm I felt. I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough to anyone who has the opportunity to receive it. James

My treatment with Eva was a whole-hearted and blissful experience. I was feeling low in myself that day but after my beautiful massage with Eva I felt lifted, calmed & more in touch with my Self. The tight knots in my back felt instantly eased. I was in need of some TLC that day & I certainly got that… Aoife

After my last treatment with Eva the aching pain between my shoulder blades and around my shoulder heads has finally dissipated. The body has spoken! What I most appreciate is her ability to respond to all the variety of needs of the body. To sense what is being called for and to provide it. The touch can be strong and intense in the right places, fluid and playful, or tender and caring, all in the one hour. Alyson